Bill Marty, PE
Bill earned his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Ohio.

William “Bill” H. Marty II, P.E.

Bill Marty leads the bridge division at Carpenter Marty Transportation, and has over sixteen years of experience. He coordinates staffing, design efforts, project management and ensures that all projects meet the highest quality standards. Mr. Marty has a thorough background in bridge design, hydraulics, survey, roadway, and maintenance of traffic. Having a detailed understanding of these disciplines and the ODOT Project Development Process has allowed him to successfully meet demanding schedules while providing a thorough and accurate product. He has served as project manager on numerous bridge replacement/rehabilitation projects for ODOT, Ohio counties, and municipalities. In addition, he has managed multi-million dollar roadway realignments. One measure of his project management track record is his high ODOT evaluation scoring average of 85% after sixteen ODOT client evaluation scores; which is well above the state average.

Mr. Marty is certified as a Level II Bridge Engineer with the State of Ohio. He has designed the replacement or rehabilitation of over one hundred structures throughout the State of Ohio. In addition, he has inspected over one hundred and fifty structures ranging in complexity for ODOT. Mr. Marty has completed all ODOT required training courses in LRFD and has designed several new structures using this methodology. His extensive bridge design portfolio includes superstructure designs for prestressed concrete box beams and I-beams, haunch and constant depth steel girders, straight and curved steel rolled beams, cast-in-place post tension tub girders, as well as single and multiple span reinforced concrete slabs. His substructure design experience includes all standard pier and abutment types utilizing drilled shafts, spread footings, and cast-in-place and steel HP piling. Mr. Marty has a thorough understanding of FEMA floodplain coordination.

Kevin Carpenter, PE, PS

Kevin earned his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in remote sensing, surveying, and transportation from The Ohio State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Ohio, and a registered surveyor in both the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Kevin P. Carpenter, P.E., P.S.

Kevin Carpenter has more than twenty years of experience in surveying, roadway engineering, utility engineering and right-of-way plan development. Mr. Carpenter manages all survey and roadway projects. Having a background in both survey and roadway gives him a unique understanding of the design process and the skills required to complete all aspects of a design project. As a project manager, Mr. Carpenter strives to provide seamless communication between team members, clients, and other affected parties. Throughout his career, Mr. Carpenter has worked on the design of more than one hundred infrastructure projects for ODOT, Ohio counties, and municipalities in more than half of Ohio’s eighty-eight counties. He has managed projects ranging from small culvert replacements to multi-lane urban freeway rehabilitations.

Mr. Carpenter is an advocate of infrastructure and the practice of engineering. He served for many years as a board member of the Central Ohio Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and he held the position of President of the local section in 2005-2006. He currently serves as a Regional Governor, a delegate to the Ohio Council of Local Sections of ASCE, and is the chairman of the State of Ohio Infrastructure Report Card. From 2007 to 2009 he served on The Ohio State University Survey & Mapping Industry Advisory Board, when it was disbanded due to the elimination of the survey degree. Mr. Carpenter is active in the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio, and currently serves on the Board of Zoning and Planning for his hometown of Upper Arlington, Ohio.