Carpenter Marty Transportation was founded in 2013 by Kevin Carpenter and Bill Marty. The company was formerly known as WD Transportation, a division of WD Partners, which began servicing governmental agencies in 1998. In December 2008, Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Marty were appointed Directors of WD Partner's Public Works Department and initiated a rebranding as WD Transportation, a division of WD Partners. Recognizing that infrastructure design was not WD Partner's core business, Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Marty acquired ownership of the division and began doing business as Carpenter Marty Transportation in January 2013.

Carpenter Marty Transportation retained all employees, maintained all ODOT prequalifications, and continues to provide the same quality design services to our clients and project partners as we did under the WD Transportation name. ODOT limitations within their software will not allow the transfer of Consultant Evaluation Scores from WD Partners to Carpenter Marty Transportation. ODOT has directed us to notify clients to refer to WD Partner's scores when determining Carpenter Marty Transportation's performance prior to 2013. For questions regarding these scores, please contact Mr. Lyle Flower, Administrator at ODOT's Office of Consultant Services (614.466.7618 or