Carpenter Marty Transportation's professional surveyors provide a full range of surveying services. Our survey team utilizes the latest technologies available to perform surveys and prepare documents, including high-definition surveying (3D laser scanning), GPS equipment, traditional survey instrumentation, and various surveying techniques to coordinate geometry software packages.

Our survey services include:

Boundary RetracementAs-Built/Existing Conditions Surveys
Control LayoutALTA/ACSM Surveys
Topographic SurveysConstruction Surveys
Alignment/Route SurveysHigh-Definition Laser Scanning

Carpenter Marty Transportation uses Leica HDS Laser Scanning technology which provides more efficient surveying, translating to cost-savings for you, the client. Our investment in this technology helps us to consistently meet critical deadlines.

Benefits of HDS

Return trips to the field are virtually eliminatedDesigners have literally millions of points with which to develop work
One person can collect data, as opposed to two or moreFieldwork costs are drastically lowered
All work can be done from a safe, unobtrusive locationEfficiency is improved by decreasing the time necessary to collect field data
Scans can be obtained inside or out; day or nightReduction in change orders due to conflicts during construction