Carpenter Marty Transportation understands that adequate roadways are crucial to commerce and lifestyle. Our roadway team's experience with design projects ranging from minor lane widening to complex interstates and urban reconstruction maintains these crucial systems. Our completed projects include, but are not limited to, pedestrian facilities, intersection designs, and pavement replacements, rehabilitations, details, and widenings.

Our project history proves we have ample experience, but Carpenter Marty Transportation's forward-thinking approach also ensures a commitment to sophisticated technology - including the latest software for geometric design, earthwork calculation, storm sewers, hydraulic analysis, and surveying.

Our roadway engineering services include:

Complex GeometricsDesign Exception Preparation
Roadside Safety Design and AnalysisNew Alignments
Lane Additions and Turn-Lane DesignHydraulic Analysis
Inspection and AnalysisPavement Design and Details
Modern Roundabout DesignCulvert Design and Rehabilitation
Open-Channel DesignStorm Sewer Systems
Drainage DesignMixed-Use and Bike Path Design