Carpenter Marty Transportation has experience in a wide variety of traffic projects, from small speed studies to major interchange redesign. Our traffic team has performed traffic signal designs, impact studies, capacity analyses, and operational analyses - a history that has earned us the skills to expertly execute a wide variety of services. We provide practical and executable solutions via traditional capacity analysis techniques and state-of-the-art traffic simulations.

Our traffic studies/operations services include:

Signal ProgressionSignal Systems Analysis
Interchange Justification/Modification StudiesSafety/Accident Analysis
Origin-Destination StudiesSpeed Studies
Capacity/Intersection AnalysisTraffic Modeling
Product EvaluationsResearch Studies
Traffic Impact/Private DevelopmentCurve Studies

Our traffic engineering design services include:

Traffic SignalsSigning and Pavement Marking Plans
Intersection DesignSignal System Design
Multi-Lane Urban and Rural Maintenance of Traffic PlansAccess Management
Overhead Guide Signs (Structure and Signing)Traffic Calming
Maintenance of Traffic Alternatives AnalysisModern Roundabout Design